How To Configure Sickbeard with Sabnzbd


This is a video I did on how Sickbeard works with sabnzbd and also a basic overview of the software, how to add shows, manage shows and setup the basic configuration for the program. Please comment or email me any questions.

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Sickbeard works really well and so far I have been extremely happy with it. One of the big issues I had in the past with a different program was the complexity of setting it up, going through and getting back seasons and honestly keeping things cleaned up with old files. I would have so many old files and things not moved properly and deleted. Sickbeard with SABNZBD works great and keeps things very clean. My drives are not being filled up with garbage files.

I like to use SD files for shows I probably will only watch once and delete. If it is a show I really want to keep around, I will download in HD 720p. One thing to keep in mind. The files will grow pretty big and you will fill up the drive. But if you got like a 3TB drive, you will probably not have to worry about it.

There is a lot of things you can look at in the program I did not cover. Be sure to checkout the website for Sickbeard and also check out SABNZBd. Here is the link to the original article I wrote explaining the programs and what I use How to Build Your Own HTPC PVR

Sickbeard website

Remember, download at your own risk and be sure you are not breaking any copyright laws. Some shows I love right now is The Walking Dead, Dexter, and Homeland. Check out the rest of the articles on my site to learn a little more DIY stuff and talk about some shows. Sickbeard rocks!



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  1. Nice job! It definitely runs a bit faster on a PC. Seems a bit laggy on the Raspberry Pi but looks to work well. I’d switch to 720p downloads though. Well done.

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