Throughout the early stages of COVID-19, we saw an outpouring of love and support for our frontline workers, which caused major streaming and TV providers to produce live stream benefit concerts of all kinds.

P&G was all over 'em, which meant my live-tweeting skills were also all over 'em.


12 hour

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Twitch put on a 12-hour "Go Live to Save Lives" stream. It featured musicians, celebrity gamers, athletes and more. For us, the challenge was to drive as many people onto the stream as possible by giving them live updates to who was performing and what they were missing. From there, we pushed donations to the World Health Organization.

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personalized tweets & responses

The day after the 12-hour Twitch event, iHeart Radio had their Living Room Concert. This event was created to celebrate frontline workers and the organizations supporting them, specifically Feeding America. We thanked artists and local heroes while driving consumers to the live stream and broadcast shows.

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8 hour
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personalized tweets & responses

Global Citizen's benefit concert came with it's own challenges. AKA: on the day we were meant to aggressively push donations to the WHO... Trump defunded them. Cool, cool. So, in the interest of not engaging in a political debate, we threw a lot of our ready to go tweets away, and started over with communication focused more on the show itself and frontline workers.

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