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strozdas (n): 


There are many great ideas. But the best ones are born out of necessity. 
My strategist partner, Madeleine, and I know this first hand. And with her
mind and my illustrative genius in tow, we are asking for $140,000 in exchange
for 10% of our ideas. So sharks, are you in?

#1. The harnessss™

A few years back, a young man lost his snake while taking it out on a walk. Now that's one slithery mess nobody wants. So what do we do? We make sure this never happens again: With the Harnessss™ you can walk or run your snake wherever you please, without fear that they'll slip away.


So you're graduating. Congrats! Ooo but your last name starts with a W... you're prob not going to enjoy all 8 hours of that graduation ceremony. Or will you? With the Guzzle Gown™ you can party on while listening to that alumni commencement speaker your Provost had to beg to come.
Guzzle on graduate, guzzle on.